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A woman in a white dress and hat is walking through a market with shopping bags.

Fort Myers Shopping

Fort Myers, Florida, a gem on the Gulf Coast, offers a shopping experience as sunny and delightful as its weather. This charming city is not just a haven for beach lovers and history buffs; it's also a paradise for shoppers. From quaint local boutiques to sprawling retail centers, Fort Myers presents an array of shopping…

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A person eating a burger.

15 of the Best Burger Places In Southwest Florida

Plenty of people pine for the perfect patty. Pursuing a delicious dinner destination? Don't despair—Southwest Florida has some scrumptious spots serving up superb sandwiches! Sliders, salads and sides all sizzle in these sensational stops: we've rounded up the region's most mouthwatering munchies to make mealtime magic. Miraculous milkshakes and magnificent meals await you in this…

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