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A building with boats in front of it.

Best Waterfront Restaurants in and Around Bonita Springs

  Best Waterfront Dining in Bonita Springs and Naples When Bonita Springs was first established, it was home to a fisherman and watermen community. Fast forward to the present, and you'll find it's really the perfect place to enjoy some wonderful seafood. Visiting some of our best waterfront restaurants you can find such delectable dishes as…

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A woman in a white dress and hat is walking through a market with shopping bags.

Fort Myers Shopping

Fort Myers, Florida, a gem on the Gulf Coast, offers a shopping experience as sunny and delightful as its weather. This charming city is not just a haven for beach lovers and history buffs; it's also a paradise for shoppers. From quaint local boutiques to sprawling retail centers, Fort Myers presents an array of shopping…

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A person eating a burger.

15 of the Best Burger Places In Southwest Florida

Plenty of people pine for the perfect patty. Pursuing a delicious dinner destination? Don't despair—Southwest Florida has some scrumptious spots serving up superb sandwiches! Sliders, salads and sides all sizzle in these sensational stops: we've rounded up the region's most mouthwatering munchies to make mealtime magic. Miraculous milkshakes and magnificent meals await you in this…

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